Expeditious Services

Marketing strategy & consulting

What they wanted

Achieving meteoric growth through word of mouth since 2012, Expeditious Services was ready to build their profile online. To support their sales process they wanted to be more visible and better represent their community ethos and game-changing approach.

The team are buzzing with ideas and passion, so they needed someone to bring clarity and guidance to help them focus on the most important projects.

What we did

  • Discovery session to get to know their ethos, business goals, customers and focus services.
  • Marketing strategy to outline their customer journey, target audience and channel strategy.
  • Project management and briefs to lead their marketing team, organise priorities and keep things on-track.
  • Helped set up reporting and Hubspot CRM to monitor performance and automate activity.
  • Ongoing guidance and feedback to maintain focus on the right tasks.

What I loved

  • They're huge mental health advocates. Putting people first, supporting each other and their community.
  • They're a family of wonderful people that genuinely love hanging out and working together. A rare and joyous environment.
  • They're making a real difference in their industry and the lives of the people involved.

Where are they now?

Now armed with one of the best copywriters and humans I know, they manage their marketing in-house. They have a shiny new website and an exciting launch on the horizon.

They're winning mega contracts and forging a path on their way to great things. And best of all, they're taking care of their people along the way.

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