January 27, 2021

14 gentle questions to reflect & reset your brain for a new month

About this episode...

14 gentle questions to reflect & reset your brain for a new month

If your brain's mush and you feel like you haven't achieved as much as you'd like, you're not alone.

I share 14 gentle questions to help you reflect, feel good about what you did, reset your brain and keep your thoughts on track for the new month.

This isn't about giving yourself loads to do. It's about what made you happy this month and choosing one small thing you want to achieve next month.

The important thing is that you're taking steady steps in the right direction and cutting down your to-do list to the most important tasks.

Spend 20-30 minutes thinking about the questions and set your focus for the next month.

Remember it's about small, simple steps to help you focus and feel a bit more in control.

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Transcript of the Marketing Morsels podcast with Lauren Taylor

Lauren Taylor:


Hello, this is Lauren Taylor, and welcome to episode seven of marketing morsels. We're going to have a bit of a chilled one this week, because January hasn't been the easiest of months. If you're feeling in a bit of a brain fog at the moment, and like you haven't achieved that much, you are not alone. I'm going to share 14 questions to help you reflect on the month and reset your mind and set a bit of focus for the next month. Now this isn't about giving yourself loads to do. It's about bringing yourself down from the ceiling. Is that a phrase? I'm going with it. It's about what made you happy this month and choosing one small thing that you want to achieve next month. The most important thing is that you're taking steady steps in the right direction and cutting down your to-do list to the most important things, not adding loads more stuff to your to-do list.


As always we're all about being practical here. So I've created a template that you can download for free. I'll pop a link in the show notes for you to go and grab it. But what I'd like you to do if you're doing this along with me is print off the template. It's got your questions in and space for you to write your answers. Or if you haven't got a printer and want to save the environment, you can use a free online PDF editor. You'll find loads on Google to edit it online. Or you can just copy the questions down in your own notebook, whatever works for you. And then what you can do once you've got the template is when it gets to the end of each month, you can reflect. And it just helps keep you a little bit grounded and a bit more focused and less guilty about what you might be seeing other people doing.


It just helps you sort of go inside of it and bring out the things that you enjoyed and that made you happy. And that made you proud this month. I'll read through the questions and touch very briefly on each one, but it's more important that you spend the time thinking about these questions yourself. It doesn't have to take long 20, 30 minutes is all it really needs. Don't overthink it. But rather than me spend ages rambling to you about it for the sake of it, I'm going to whiz through the questions and let you go off and do your own thing. Cause it's far more important that you get your head around it and do the thing than it is for me to talk to you about it. Grab the monthly reflection template and let's start with the first set of questions. First one, have a think about what made you proud.


Now, this kind of sets the tone for the rest of the questions. We're about picking out the positives. Because you'll have done way more than you think you have. And the point isn't to go 'yes, I've done a big checklist of lots of things'. It's about actually, what did you love about the things that you did do and what do you want to dedicate your time and energy to next month. So think about what made you proud and keep it short and sweet. It can be one or two things. It doesn't have to be a work thing. It can be a personal thing. Did you help somebody with a particular task when they were stuck? Did you just listen to a friend when they needed a friendly ear? Did you send a little gift to somebody? Something that made you proud.


Next one, what made you happy? Now I'm not going to go into detail about each of these. They're pretty self-explanatory. You know the sort of thing that we're aiming for here. Did you have a particular project or work with a specific client? Or did you make a new freelance buddy? Next one. What did you enjoy? Along the same lines. Did you really love creating a video or a blog or updating your website or doing a specific task on a project? Did you just enjoy sitting down, taking five minutes to have a cup of tea or you enjoyed reading a new book. Next one. What did you learn? Keep it small and meaningful. We're not looking for learning a new language or learning to play the flute here. Did you read a blog or a social post that gave you one little nugget of knowledge that you didn't have before that you started using or doing?


Did you read a new book that was really helpful? Did you just learn how to use a new bit of software? Just one tiny little thing that you know this month that you didn't know last month. Next one. And I know I'm going through these quite fast. That's the point. These don't need me to talk about them for ages. What they need is for you to go off and do them. So the next one, how were you courageous? Did you do something that scares you a little bit? Did you share your first Instagram story? Did you record your first video? Did you send a connection request to someone you look up to? Did you do a Zoom call or a phone call that was exciting, but scary? Just one little thing that you were brave about doing.


Next one. How did you take time for yourself? Now, if you didn't take time for yourself, that's absolutely fine. There's a hell of a lot going on at the moment and just keeping going is tough right now. So if you did manage to get a few minutes to yourself, what did you do? And the last question in the mindset section, what are you excited about? Now again, this can be either for your business, for your clients, for you, for your family. Is there something that you're looking forward to? Okay, next we're going to move on to the focus questions. So this is setting what you're going to focus on next month. Now again, we're not about putting extra pressure on yourself right now. This is more about setting tiny little intentions that you can focus your energy, your brain, your time on just one thing next month.


The first question is what went well this month? Did you do a piece of work that you got some lovely feedback on? Did you complete something that you've been working on for a while? Did you share a piece of content that people really loved? Agaon we're keeping this more about looking internally at what you feel went well. But for the data lovers out there, if you want to look at actual numbers for what went well, maybe clicks to your website or leads from an ad campaign, you're more than welcome to look at that. I might do another reflection that looks more on the data side of things, but for this, this is more the touchy, feely, warm and fuzzy side of things. Next question. You've just looked at what went well. To follow on from that, it'd be even better if... So if you did something for you or your business, your customers, whatever it is, what would have made it even better?


Is there something you thought 'this would be ace if I could have done this little thing, or would have had the extra time to do this, or could have used software or saved a bit of time on something'. Is there something that would have made it easier, better for you or your customers? If there isn't, great. But usually there's something in the back of your mind that just makes you think 'oh, this would be so great if we could also do this'. That's what we're trying to get at here. Next question. How did you help people? And don't forget, keep it simple. We're just looking for one little thing. You could have passed on a little nugget of your knowledge in a social media post that helped somebody learn something. You could have created a wonderful piece of work for a client that means that they can now do something that they couldn't do before or offer something that they couldn't do before.


Or is it more about you helped somebody solve a problem? Or you answered a question in a group. Just something little that made a difference and helped one person. Next one. What one thing do you want to achieve next month? Now, when I say one thing, I mean, is there something that you really wanted to do this month? You didn't have time or didn't have the energy to do. Or you weren't confident enough yet, or you'd like to learn something new before you can do it. Just pick one thing, make it quite specific. And if it's a really big thing, break it down into smaller tasks to make it more achievable. Next one. What do you want to do more of next month? So thinking about the things that made you happy and proud and what you enjoyed or the way you took time for yourself, what would you like to do more of next month?


Next one, this is second to last one. What do you want to try next month? So is there something new that you want to learn? Do you want to try doing videos, do you want to try posting more frequently on social media? Do you want to offer a new service? Is there something that's been in the back of your mind that you'd love to have a go at next month? Even if you don't know how to do it yet. And then the last one, what do you want to learn next month? Is there something in your services that you'd love to offer, but you'd like to either brush up on or learn something new about. Or do you want to read some articles, listen to some books or podcasts about a particular subject?


Or do you want to learn how to use a bit of software that will help make your life easier, make your customer's lives easier. Or something non businessy. Do you want to learn a new hobby? I mean, again, don't go to mad here cause it's about small, simple steps. Again, not putting pressure on yourself. Is there something new that you'd love to learn more about next month? That's everything I wanted to talk to you about this week. I'll leave that with you. If you haven't downloaded the template yet cause you wanted to listen to this first, go and grab it and do your own thing. Hopefully it's useful to help you reset and kind of refresh for the next month. Don't forget, small and simple steps. Don't go too big. The main purpose is to reflect, reset, and just feel a bit more in control as you go into the new month.


Thank you so much for listening. Have a wonderful week and I'll see you next time.

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