Practical gift ideas for chilly fidgets and curious learners.

Treat your beloved freelance BFF to a gift they’ll actually use.

I flipping love a gift with a practical purpose. Particularly if it makes my life warmer or comfier.

So I’m sharing my favourite practical gift ideas for home-working freelancers and self-employed folk.

I deliberately haven’t included links because you’ll likely have your favourite independent places to buy from. But I have mentioned a few of my faves for inspiration.

For curious learners and quiet thinkers

1. Card Decks

OK, so I don’t really know what these are officially called. Affirmation cards, oracle cards, tarot cards.

There’s a ton of good stuff out there for all different purposes. They’re a lovely thoughtful gift to give your buddy’s brain a little hug.

A couple I like are The Sacred Creators Oracle by Chris-Anne and How to Love Yourself Cards by Louise Hay.

Colourful pink orange and turquoise sacred creators cards that say you the muse, overrate your intuition and success in transformation

2. Buddy boxes

A strong all-round gift. Little boxes of joy.

Similar to the card decks, there are loads available with different themes.

Blurt do some nice boxes, but have a Google for independent businesses in your area or nose around Etsy for lovely gifts by creators.

They’re packed full of thoughtful self-care goodies and mood-lifting treats.

Colourful socks, notebook, chocolate, cards and postcards neatly laid out by a floral illustrated box that says invest in rest on a peach background

3. Audiobook subscription

Audible is brilliant and a reasonable price.

I love it because there’s zero risk.

If you don’t like a book, you can return it and they’ll refund your credit. So it’s less stressful trying to pick the ‘perfect’ book.

4. Calm subscription

There are a few similar apps out there, but Calm is easily my favourite. I’ve been using it for years.

It’s a decent price for a full year’s subscription and you get access to LOADS of stuff.

It’s not just for meditation. There’s relaxing music, gentle movement workouts, sleep stories and chilled-out playlists to help with focus while you’re working.

For the cold-blooded

5. Heated blanket

I wouldn’t make it through the winter without my heated blanket.

It’s brilliant for keeping chilly knees and feet warm.

Go for one that’s big enough to comfortably fit from waist to toes, for maximum tuck-in-ability.

6. Turtle doves

Not the beaky kind.

They’re super-long fingerless gloves.

They keep you toasty and you can still use your digits for typing, writing and mousing.

Soft light blue cashmere fingerless gloves packaged with a brown kraft label that says turtle doves

7. Thermal mug or water bottle

Does your buddy get sucked into a task and forget to drink?

Help them finally drink a cup of tea or coffee while it’s still warm.

8. Halogen heater

Perfect to pop under your desk for toasty legs.

Particularly useful if you sit near a cold wall that throws freezing air at your toes.

Cheaper to run than fan heaters or central heating, one 400w bar will comfortably heat an 8-10 square metre room all day.

A cosy white and tan dog with a black nose warming under a light wood desk by a grey halogen heater on beige carpet

For the fidgets

9. Back rest

My favourite is a d-roll.

Shaped like a half moon, it straps round the bottom of your chair.

I’m a sloucher and I get mild lower back pain from sitting for too long. I find this helps make it a little comfier.

10. Foot rest

Similar to the d-roll back rest, I like the half moon kind.

You can use it flat on the floor so it’s stationary or turn it over so it rocks forward and backwards for a bit of movement and blood flow.

They lift the feet just enough to ease pressure on the butt and back (depending on how long your legs are).

11. Monitor or laptop stand

I flipping love mine.

I use my laptop as a keyboard (and smaller third screen) and have two monitors on one stand.

Depending on the space you have there are loads of different version available. Perfect for slouchers that stare down at a screen all day.

Go forth and spread joy, you gloriously kind human.



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