It's OK if your only goal is to put pants on

Cut yourself some slack while the world's upside down.

You'll see people doing their own thing with goals and intentions, particularly at the start of a new year. Leave them to it. Do whatever your brain and body need you to do right now and don't feel bad about it.

Goals are only useful when you're in the right mindset to do something with them.

Answer these six questions to figure out what goals are most important to you. Then you can set goals without the guilt and work on them you're ready.

Now, setting goals is quite a big thing. And it can get overwhelming if you try to go too big too soon.

A good way to get your juices flowing is to reflect on last year. Or last month. Whichever works best for you.

Sit yourself down, get a notepad and a pen and start thinking about last year.

1. What did you enjoy that you can do more of?

Did you enjoy working with a particular client or on a fun project? Or did you love producing a certain piece of content? Did you release a new service and that filled you with joy?

Think about things that have made you really happy that you can do more of this month or year.

2. What do you wish you had done?

Is there anything on your to-do list that you feel bad about not doing? And while I don't advocate feeling bad about things, if you're feeling that way, the chances are it's something you really wanted to do.

If there are things floating round your to-do list that you wish you'd done, pop them on your list and make them happen. That pang of excitement and nerves you feel when you think about it? That's your brilliant idea wanting you to share it with the world.

3. Is there anything you're glad you didn't do?

On the flipside, do you have tasks or projects that you turned down? Or something you pushed to the bottom of your priority list that made you feel like, "phew, I'm SO glad I didn't do that"?

If there's anything like that, you know it's not going to be something you want on your list again this year. Let it go.

4. What went well last year?

You can define "went well" any way you like.

Did you get lovely feedback from a client for a project you enjoyed? Did you get loads of people loving something you shared?

If you're into analytics and data, look at your stats. Did you do something that got loads of people onto your website downloading a product or signing up for a service Think about the things that went well for you last year, then do more of them this year.

5. Is there something you want to learn more about?

Maybe a specific subject in your industry that you want to be able to help more people with. Do you want to learn something for yourself to help your business? Or learn something fun as a hobby?

Keep it small and take one little step at a time. The point is not to overwhelm yourself.

Pick a couple of things you'd love to learn about this year and take little steps to start learning about them. Whether that's finding articles and blogs where you can learn how to do things, watching YouTube videos or taking a few courses.

6. Do you have an idea waiting to be loved?

Is there an idea you've had in your head that you've wanted to do for ages? One that makes you all warm and fuzzy, but you haven't done it yet because maybe you're not feeling confident enough? Or you're not sure how helpful people are going to find it? Sidenote: You don't know that until you've done it and put it out there.

If you've had an idea in your head that you've wanted to do for ages and it gets you excited, flipping do it. Put it on your list for this year and get it done. Break it down into small steps so you can make it happen bit by bit each week.

Take tiny, doable steps

Keep it simple so it's achievable and not overwhelming.

Choose 2-3 things that you're drawn to from everything you've written down and pop them on your to-do list. Break them down into small tasks, then over the next three months schedule time in your calendar to start working towards making each one happen.



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