6 mindset tips to calm pre-posting nerves

As an introvert, marketing yourself and being public can feel pretty scary.

But when you listen to your gut and follow what's right for you, you can actually enjoy your marketing. I promise.

Take comfort in the fact that you're sharing something you believe in.

Remembering these tips can help you overcome that knot in your stomach. And feel the satisfaction and pride of hitting publish. Helping you feel a little more confident in the moment and feel great about sharing your knowledge with the world.

1. Start small

Don't put pressure on yourself to go big too soon. Choose one channel you enjoy where you know your audience is hanging out and start to become more active.

Follow what makes you feel good. You'll create your best content when it fits your style and personality.  

Commit to posting two or three times a week to get you into the groove of being public. See how it feels for you and what you're comfortable with. From there you can start to learn what you enjoy the most and what your audience responds to the best.

2. Post like no-one's watching

At this point, you'll have done your research and know what your customers want. So you can be confident what you're sharing is what they want to see.

Summon all your courage when you're ready to hit publish.

Don't think about how many eyes might see it. Take comfort in the fact that you're sharing something you believe in. Imagine you're posting for you and no-one's going to see it, like writing in a diary.

Once you're comfortable with the content you're sharing, posting isn't as scary anymore.  

3. Blurt it out

Put it out there before you've got a chance to freak out and run away.

When you've got your post ready and you're thinking "oh god, I've got to put this out into the world", click it. Click that flipping publish button before the fear has time to take over. The anticipation is far worse than actually doing it and you'll feel so proud of yourself afterwards.

Remember the context... you already know what you're about to share is going to help your customers. All your research, idea planning, writing and editing backs that up. All that's left to do is publish it and treat yourself to your favourite brew to celebrate.

And if that isn't enough to get you there, don't forget you can always edit your post. You have complete control.

4. Most people are nice

One important thing to remember... most people are really nice and want to hear what you've got to say.

To put it into perspective, think about the things you enjoy seeing from people you follow. You like getting to know them, learning from them and hearing their opinions. If you didn't, you wouldn't follow them. Your followers feel the same about you.

You're building an audience of people that like you and that you can help. They're choosing to follow you because they want to see more from you. They're your biggest fans.

5. You're your harshest critic

You're likely judging yourself far more harshly than anyone else is.

Think about the people you follow. If they stumble their words in a video or they've got a messy desk, how do you feel about it? Chances are you don't care.

These things show personality and help build connection. No-one's perfect and when people embrace their reality it's more relatable.

If you miss something out of a video, no-one knows except you. If you mess up your words, that's OK. No-one's seeing your content and judging you.

If they find what you're saying helpful, insightful, funny or thought-provoking, they're going to love it. Regardless of the way you think you come across.

6. If you need to run and hide, run and hide

Don't force yourself if you're not ready. You'll get there. And it'll be sooner than you think.

Go and do something else instead. Take yourself away from your computer, listen to a podcast or a book. Make a nice cup of tea and meditate for half an hour. Do whatever you need to do to chill out. That's okay.

Remember, you won't feel that way forever. And when the time's right you'll have the energy to give it your all. That's when you do your best work.

The short version

  • Don't try to do too much too soon. Choose one channel you enjoy and share what feels right.
  • You've done your research, you know what your audience wants and what you're great at. Trust your process.
  • Hit publish, treat yourself to a cuppa and bask in the pride.
  • Your followers like you and want to hear what you've got to say.
  • No-one is judging you.
  • Take time out if you need to. Everything will still be there when you're ready.

Remember these points when you're getting in your own way and second-guessing yourself. Write them down somewhere you'll see them.

I'm not here to make you think marketing yourself is all sunshine and rainbows. The fear is real, but don't let it hold you back.

Protect your energy when you need to. Keep a reminder of these steps to help give you perspective and see the reality, instead of the story you're telling yourself.

Take baby steps that feel right. The more you try, the more confident you'll feel each time and the more you'll learn which bits of your marketing you love.



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