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Mindset tips for introverts

6 mindset tips to calm pre-posting nerves

Learn how to be public when you want to run away and hide. The fear is real, but don't let it hold you back. Remember these tips to get some perspective when you're feeling pre-posting nerves and stop getting in your own way.

Mindset tips for introverts

It's OK if your only goal is to put pants on

Goals are only useful when you're in the right mindset to do something with them. Answer these 6 questions to figure out what goals are important to you. Then you can set goals without the guilt and work on them you're ready.

Strategy and planning

Think Clearly Happy Hour: 60-minutes of marketing goodness

Sometimes all you need is a fresh perspective to help you out of a funk. Get your marketing questions answered or tackle a specific topic that's holding you back. Spend less time overthinking and more time doing what makes you happy.

Strategy and planning

Marketing with Purpose: 6-week 1-on-1 strategy workshop for introverts

Marketing is MUCH easier, better and more fun when it has a clear purpose. Learn how to get the best from your marketing without selling your soul and create a cringe-free marketing strategy that feels good.


FREE Monthly Reflection Worksheet

Reset your brain after a busy month. Reflect on what you enjoyed, what went well and set your focus for the next month. Answer 14 quick questions each month to feel good about what you did and keep your thoughts on track.

Behind the scenes

The Marketing Morsels podcast is here

It's official! The Marketing Morsels podcast is here. Weekly nuggets of marketing goodness for introverted freelancers.

Marketing tips

How to understand your customers as real people

Take a step back if you're in a funk and understand who you enjoy working with, what you're about and how you can help people. This makes it much easier to create great content because you know exactly who you're writing for and why.

Marketing tips

How to come up with content ideas

Not sure what to talk about? It doesn't have to be overwhelming. A few minutes of research works wonders to clear your creative block and start generating content ideas. Follow these steps to help pull you out of a funk and feel less overwhelmed.

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