Hi, I’m Lauren Taylor, a
marketing consultant and
strategist based in Staffordshire.

In 2019, after two experiences that changed the course of my life, I took the plunge and set up my own consultancy business.

After losing my Dad suddenly to cancer in 2016, I threw myself into my work. My professional life was thriving, but over the years the politics and injustice of the corporate world became draining. Combined with the loss of my Dad it inevitably took its toll on my mental and physical health and family life. Driving to work one wintery morning in 2018, I found myself turning the car around, driving to the doctor and facing my anxiety and depression head-on. On that day I knew I needed to make a change.

Fuelled by my desire for more freedom, fulfilment and joy, my freelance plan began to form. I enjoyed my job and was fiercely loyal to the people that had become my second family. Going elsewhere didn’t feel right and wouldn’t have brought me the freedom I wanted, and going solo seemed unattainable.

Cue a self-development montage of audiobooks, podcasts and a healthy dose of counselling, and I’d built the confidence I needed to take the leap.

I’m now lucky enough to have met and worked with some of the kindest, most supportive and inspirational people and made lifelong friends.

With 17 years’ experience working in and leading in-house marketing teams, I now work alongside freelancers and small business owners, helping them navigate the ever-changing world of marketing, get the best from their activity and feel confident they’re making decisions that are right for them.

My philosophy is to be completely honest. Honesty brings clarity, trust and unhindered progress.

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