Marketing that
feels good

Marketing strategy & courses for introverted freelancers. Feel confident, calmer & clearer showing up as yourself, market in a way that's right for you & build a business that makes you jump out of bed in the morning.

“Lauren is friendly and professional with a real positive attitude."
Charlotte Clarke,
Business Manager - Clarkes4Landys

My clients usually come to me with one
of the following scenarios:

  • Looking for guidance

    They need an honest outside perspective and ongoing support to sense-check their activity and make quick, informed decisions.

  • Ready for growth

    They need help building relationships with their ideal customers, driving new and repeat business to take them to the next level.

  • Need a clear strategy

    Implementing scattergun marketing tactics without a master plan, they want advice to make sure they’re heading in the right direction.

  • Not sure where to start

    Their business has grown from word of mouth and the marketing basics. They’re busy and need help identifying where to focus their attention.

  • Want to measure performance

    They need expert analysis to understand what’s working and what isn’t, measure the impact of their marketing and save wasted spend.

  • Need technical expertise

    They want support with their digital performance and require technical knowledge to create an effective digital strategy.

  • Launching a new product

    They need strategic direction they can trust to lead a specialist team through a successful product launch and beyond.

I help them to:

Find clarity

Turn their ideas and vision into a clear, long-term action plan.

Make smart decisions

Honest advice and expertise to make quick, informed decisions.

Take action

Leadership and direction to drive progress and get things done.

Stay focused

Prioritise the right short and long-term projects.

Measure success

Test, track, report on and learn from meaningful metrics.

Spend wisely

Invest in the most effective channels to reach their audience.

Save time

Tips, tools and apps to make life easier and more productive.

Achieve goals

Understand the right steps to take towards specific targets.

"I trust Lauren to deliver exceptional results. If you are looking for a specialist with a vast understanding of digital marketing and a network of invaluable contacts then look no further, Lauren is the answer.”

Stuart Wilson, CEO, Blue Bay Travel

Flexibility to suit your needs

I offer a range of services from a one-off marketing audit with recommendations to becoming an extension of your team as a consultant marketing director, providing 17 years’ experience without the costs and overheads of employing somebody into the role full time.

What makes me different?

I’m honest and straight-talking. I avoid marketing jargon and I won’t try to sell you anything. If you’d like me to help you out, I’d love to. I'll provide impartial advice that’s right for you and help you to master your marketing.

Get in touch

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