Joyful marketing
for introverts

1-to-1 marketing coaching & strategy workshops for thoughtful freelancers. Feel calm, confident and clear about where to start. Build your marketing around what you love & grow a soulful business that’s completely you.

“It feels at home in my brain."
Freelance Web Designer

If you feel like:

  • The thought of marketing makes you cringe

    You know marketing is important, but the thought of being public & marketing yourself makes you want to run a mile.

  • You want to market authentically

    You’d love to learn to market in a way that’s right for you, aligns with your values & energises you.

  • You need to refocus your mind

    You want to turn overthinking & procrastination into quick decisions & actions that are right for you, without feeling overwhelmed.

  • You'd like to know you’re on the right path

    You’d like a gentle helping hand to take steps in the right direction. Feedback on your ideas & space to ask questions without judgement.

  • You're not sure where to start

    You’re not sure what channels to use, what to talk about or how to stand out where your customers want to hear from you.

  • You want your marketing to be meaningful

    You want to spend your time & energy on things that have a purpose, make a difference & help you build a life that makes you happy.

  • You don’t have a clear plan

    You want a marketing strategy that excites you, gives you the confidence to take the right steps & helps you stay on track.

I can help you:

Clarity icon

Love your marketing

Market confidently as yourself in a way that’s right for you.
Decision making illustration

Recalibrate your thoughts

Turn overthinking & indecision into positive action with purpose.
Take action icon

Feel reassured

A soundboard to bounce ideas off & make quick decisions.
Target icon

Make things happen

Stay accountable & start what you’ve been putting off.
Chart icon

Stay on track

Focus your time & energy on what matters most to you.
Investment icon

Feel calmer & clearer

Feel confident you're heading in the right direction.
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Get noticed

Attract clients that love your vibe & appreciate you.
Goals icon

Get motivated

Build a business that makes you warm & fuzzy.

"Lauren's love for helping businesses grow is inspiring. She's given me confidence, clarity & support. Without her guidance my business wouldn't be at the stage it's at & I'm eternally grateful."

Katie Lawton, Freelance Personal Trainer
A note book

Think clearly & get stuff done

Together we’ll turn your procrastination and overthinking into a clear plan of action that excites and energises you. I’ll be by your side to answer questions if you get stuck, give feedback on your ideas and help you take manageable steps towards your goals.

Cringe-free marketing

No group calls, thinking on the spot or doing anything that doesn’t sit well with you. Together we'll understand what's best for you, what suits your values and how you help others. So you can feel prepared and confident using your introvert superpowers for good.

Take the first step &
start marketing your way